Our Strategy

The SFBA have a five pronged strategy to highlight and celebrate the importance of family businesses in Scotland and provide education and support to ensure they thrive.   

(1) Business Families:

We aim to:

  • raise awareness of key family business issues to all business families in Scotland;
  • ensure that business families have access to support to help them flourish;
  • develop a new culture amongst family businesses in Scotland so that the next generation of family business leaders are educated, trained and ready to professionally and expertly lead their families and companies with confidence.  

(2) Advisors:

We will ensure that:

  • Advisors are equipped to provide support which is specific to family business to help business families flourish; 
  • Business families are aware of the advising qualifications we recommend their key Advisors should have and have a method to
    ensure they purchase services appropriately;
  • All professional courses and qualifications (Banking, Law and Accountancy) have compulsory modules on skills relating to
    advising family business.

(3) Academia:

We will work with Scotland’s Universities to:

  • assist Universities to undertake research on family businesses in Scotland; 
  • ensure that SFBA have access to up to date, relevant and robust data on family business in Scotland; 
  • ensure that courses, specific to family business, are offered in Scottish Universities & Colleges;
    create a reputation in the global academic market for excellence in family business research and education encouraging Family Business members from around the world to seek education at Scottish Universities.

(4) Media:

We will work with Scotland’s media to:

  • raise awareness of the issues family business can face; 
  • celebrate the success & importance of family business in Scotland. 

(5) Influencers:

We will meet Scotland’s policy makers to ensure that they:  

  • are aware of the importance of family business to Scotland;
  • consider the family business sector on all new policy and legislation;
  • agree to provide financial support to assist the SFBA in achieving our strategy; 
  • see the international as well as national potential in our strategy. 

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